Company overview

Linfa means Technology and Quality , but also Personalisation and Interactivity.

Since its very beginning, Linfa has been considered a Research Lab in the field of innovative technologies linked to the Internet. In time it has become a point of reference for whoever wanted to obtain Value with the contribution of Innovative Technology. Knowledge combined with a Consulting methodology aiming at sustaining the client in a common path made of small steps toward big objectives.

Linfa helps create a competitive asset allowing everyone to experience the internet revolution in the most suitable, complete and secure way.

In fact, in every single project Linfa operates in a Technological context with a managerial approach peculiar to a Management Consulting company, working side by side with the client during the entire process.

The field of the new media is extremely versatile and it’s becoming more and more a meeting point between Technology and instruments. Linfa can guarantee total Multimediality to all of its clients.

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