"Every communication tool has its own language"


The linfa aim is to offer a tool highly tailored to the needs of the Customer and able to reach those goals of communication, information and awareness, which can enable the customer to communicate in an immediate and effective way the results of the search. The solutions from linfa, consist in the construction of software products developed with descriptive multimedia animations - highly animated, commented by an audio voice-over and enhanced by graphical and photo effects and movements focused on the keywords and video interviews made on purpose. For this type of products the multimedia level provided is very high, thanks to the effective integration of multiple components: graphics, audio, animation, video, etc. Starting from the paperwork, the content will be organized in a scenography that will provide for a breakdown of semantically autonomous texts in a communication object. This subdivision will ensure maximum flexibility of the product and its speed of update and content integration over time. A fundamental role has the design of the graphic/communication line and therefore the study of all graphics, iconography and visuals, as well as the structuring of the animations and effects in them; all with the aim of ensuring the maximum dynamic and pleasantness of the product to achieve the information and communication desired goal. The team is usually made up of active professionals including System Engineers, Multimedia Engineers, Art Directors, Graphic designers, Content and sound designers and Video engineers, etc..

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