"Education is acquiring a more and more strategic value for the companies."


Thanks to their guarantee and orientation, the technological solutions proposed by Linfa in the E-learning sector represent a valuable response to the job world requests:

  • Easy content distribution;
  • Rapid and efficient information access;
  • Great personalisation of the solutions according to the needs and the charateristics of the final users;
  • Possibility to enhance the value of the contents held by the company in order to create consistent and efficient learning paths;
  • Rapid content update;
  • Possibility to integrate e-learning solutions with traditional class courses.

In the creation of educational technological solutions, Linfa starts from an accurate analysis of the company’s educational needs, of the characteristics of the final users and of the technological infrastructure.
Then follows the definition of the product’s typology that best suites the company’s educational objectives (interactive simulation, wbt, games, etc…). After having defined these aspects, the next step is to work on the content and the structure of the learning path together with the product’s graphic aspect. Finally, the technological packaging is created and the final debug is carried out.
Furthermore, Linfa offers an assistance service during the distribution phase of the product and during the update of the contents.
Linfa’s e-learning products allow the integration of the learning processes with the normal working activity allowing the users to consult all the necessary information when needed.
Linfa’s e-learning applications are in line with the international standards (AICC, SCORM, IEEE), so as to be easily integrated with the most common educational management platforms (LMS, CMS, LCMS).

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