Executive team

Linfa is structured in different areas which are all operated by the professional staff according to the competent sector of each expert. The latter are included, on the base of a matrix scheme, in the various Business Units which form the different fields of intervention of Linfa’s market offers.
The importance and the large number of clients with which Linfa deals, the complex articulation of the productive process and the several types of projects which are implemented, demand a structured resource accounting system for every client and activity sector. This guarantees a continuity in the relationship with the customer and a maximization of the acquired know-how of the client’s needs.
Internal meetings, focus groups and case studies allow to share different experiences and compare main elements. This guarantees a constant improvement and quality of all the offered solutions.


Vincenzo Rotelli is a Promoter and the President of Linfa since its establishment in 1999. He takes care of the implementation of new products and services within the company with a particular interest in the field of the E-communication. His work is therefore tightly connected to the R&S division (Research and Development), which manages the research activity and identifies new solutions. He mainly acquired his experience in worldwide research labs, among which Hewelett Packard in Bristol, England.

Massimo Olivieri is a Promoter and has the role of CEO. He is responsible for the development of the company and for its strategies on the market. His role is to define the strategic and operative aspects in matter of organisation, management and business and to act as controller for all the financial aspects and as interface for all the institutional relationships. He acquired his experience, in matter of financial consulting and business management, within the KPMG Business Advisory Services S.p.A. and Protos S.p.A. . He then signed an additional contract as Professor of Financial Analysis at the LUISS University (Libera Università degli Studi Sociali Guido Carli) Economy Faculty and often participates as teacher and speaker within masters and seminars, promoted by schools and institutions, in matter of business strategy and technical innovation. Since 2005, he is the representative of the Gruppo Giovani Imprenditori dell'Unione Industriali di Roma (Rome Industrial Union for Young Entrepreneurs), within Confindustria, Lazio - Comitato Regionale dei Giovani Imprenditori del Lazio (Regional Committee of Young Entrepreneurs).

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