"Costruire software insieme,
per migliorare i vostri processi e risultati."

Information Technology

Being a highly technological company, Linfa is able to operate with full competence in the entire Information Technology sector. In a world where technical science is rapidly progressing, the use of the internet allows the companies to optimise and enhance their results. The IT sector is divided in various areas:

    ICS - Internet Custom Solutions
    In a more and more competitive and innovative market, Linfa develops custom-made web-based systems containing:

    • Optimised management of the process
    • Valorisation and transmission of information
    • Integration and dialog between different applications (management and/or business)
    Furthermore, Linfa creates systems and solutions for the e-business, e-procurement, HR - Human Resources – sectors and for the Business Intelligence. It also creates solutions aimed at centralising and mapping various information in a unique application. The custom-made web-based systems allow to invent, together with the client, solutions shaped on the infrastructure and management characteristics of the firm. In order to obtain a custom-made product with a modular structure, thereby allowing modifications at any time after its implementation, this activity is carried out through single steps, tests and modifications. But Linfa is also able to modify already existing applications transforming them from a stand alone to a web-based shared, accessible and modifiable software.

    Companies working in the communication sector have more and more the need to optimise information. It is for this reason that Linfa is able to:
    • Implement custom-made business communication systems integrated with the Internet; intranet systems on terrestrial, wireless and satellite infrastructures.
    • Create systems able to gather information from databases.

    ISS - Internet Software Solutions
    Questa divisione propone una serie di soluzioni software già costruite da linfa e da verticalizzare sul cliente finale.

    OIS – Outsourcing IT
    Among its products, Linfa presents software applications created thanks to its technological know-how, such as:

    • Linfa e-rooms : an application allowing different users to share and work on material of various formats so as to reduce time and space.
    • l
    • Linfa e-learning : Linfa’s long-distance educational platform enables the creation of high quality educational programs and allows to easily carry out management activities such as the assignment of the courses, the tracings of the user’s reading modalities, the development of personalised reports, etc… . Furthermore, Linfa’s e-learning platform allows the activation of all the communication systems (forum, chat, F.A.Q, etc.).

    OIT - Outsourcing IT
    HD - Help Desk
    Linfa has now the consolidated capacity of managing the entire outsourcing IT of a company. It is therefore able to carry out the functions of System Administrator, Information Security and Help Desk. All these activities enable to work side by side with the client thereby understanding his needs in order to elaborate custom-made solutions in matter of management, administration, etc…

    ISP - Internet Service Provider and Content Delivery Network
    After having implemented the e-information, e-communication and e-learning products, Linfa has also the role of supporting the client through a networking architecture. A CND architecture represents an advanced content distribution system allowing to efficiently carry out the content delivery (especially the video/audio one) and to dynamically manage the large number of requests coming from different users.

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