IT Process

The use of advanced technologies linked to the Internet in the development of solutions aimed at informing, educating, communicating, buying, selling or developing management applications, now represents the main aspect of every action aimed at implementing software products. Its technological matrix, allows Linfa to be a leading company in this field, being able to understand and develop even the most particular needs of the clients.

Linfa’s consulting logic is implemented through a synergetic and complementary approach to the project: the profound knowledge of the company’s resources and of the dynamics of the internal process, allow this company to always intervene in an effective and targeted manner. Linfa always chooses its methodology after an accurate evaluation of the client’s needs and expectations. The company aims at developing custom-made solutions shaped on the particular needs of the customer.
The solutions are developed in a four phase process:

  • Technological Analysis
    Identification of the client’s business strategies in order to understand and satisfy the customer’s expectations.
  • Planning
    Drafting of a working methodology, in the respect of the existing business policy, allowing an easy transition from the old computer system to the new solutions presented by Linfa.
  • Development
    After having identified the objectives and the strategies, the solution is implemented. Every single step is documented, verified and discussed with the client.
  • Implementation and Technical Assistance
    After the product is completed, Linfa gives the possibility to take advantage of its technical support and of the maintenance service.

Furthermore, Linfa offers its own clients, a constant update of the product which can be adapted to the new technical specifications of the infrastructure.

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