"Over time we have kept our
spirits laboratory research.
Innovation and quality"


Linfa’s knowledge, which matured in time thanks to researches, experimentations and implementation of new solutions within important projects combined with a methodological consulting approach, is aimed at supporting the client during the entire production process.

Even more important, is Linfa’s role as consulting. The company works towards the identification of an action plan aimed at enhancing the value of the contents in order to inform, educate, communicate and be competitive in the business sector. Its role is based on an intense planning and conceiving activity followed by the implementation guaranteed by Linfa’s high level competence.

In fact, in every single project Linfa operates from a Technological point of view, but also with a managerial approach, peculiar to a Management Consulting company, adopting specific methods according to the sector concerned.

Thanks to its professionality and methodology, Linfa can guarantee its clients all the quality, efficiency and personalisation allowing them to confidently use the most advanced technologies.

This methodological approach appears in the two drivers describing the software production of the company. The first one represents the Content Management activity, meaning the management, elaboration and valorisation of the contents. The other one, is the IT Process, resulting from the technological matrix of the company.

A different team is created for every project according to the client’s needs. The working group is formed of complementary resources and competences which together contribute to give a complete vision of the project.

The accuracy of the planning, together with the linearity of its implementation and the final satisfaction of the client are guaranteed by the necessary planning documentation, flow charts and reports on all the carried out activities, validation formats, comparison meetings, examinations and debugs.

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