"In order to reach precise business goals, it is necessary to implement a strategic plan aimed at enhancing the value of the contents and distributing them."

Strategic Planning

The technological innovation together with the multitude of delivery instruments used today by the companies to inform, communicate, educate, buy and sell, require a great attention for the valorisation and distribution of the contents in order to reach precise business goals.

One of Linfa’s roles is to help the client determine the most appropriate strategic plan for the analysis and the valorisation of the contents and to define the delivery actions and channels. This plan also underlines the objectives to reach through the use of the identified contents.

These objectives can concern either the external or the internal world of the company. Linfa can, for example, plan and develop solutions able to help comprehend the internal management instruments (software) or eliminate their inefficient side in order to speed up the internal process increasing their efficiency and widening their business opportunities. Linfa can also intervene as occasional supporting element during specific operations such as transactions between companies, Business units, launch of new internal organisational models.

Linfa has involved the best professional staff for the above mentioned activities. Its task is to support its clients during the identification of the strategic plans aiming at identifying and enhancing the content’s value. In the next phase, the necessary actions, as well as the delivery instruments and the type of devices are defined. The final result is a common path involving different business units.

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